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Southern California Minority Business Council - (MWD, LACCD, City of San Diego, LAUSD, Port of LA, et al)

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MayerArchitects, a collaboration between Shelli Margolin and Gerhard W. Mayer, is a full service architecture and design firm, located on the West Side of Los Angeles. We are a certified Women Owned Business (WBE). Additionally, we have State and local SBE and DBE certifications.

Gerhard W. Mayer has 25 years of experience in a wide variety of project types, both large and small, on four continents. Among others, Gerhard designed and built hotels, movie studios, airport buildings, educational buildings, shopping malls, a semi conductor FAB for AMD, and multiple residential and mixed use infill projects locally. Gerhard was part of Frank O. Gehry’s office for 8 years.

Shelli has over 15 years experience in municipal economic development.  Throughout her career, Shelli facilitated entitlement processes for businesses and developers.  Additionally, she has managed State and Federal contracts, along with developing and managing public/private projects. 

MayerArchitects strives to deliver the highest standards of architectural and entitlement services to our clients. Our commitment is to solve architectural and planning problems creatively and effectively, in response to our client’s constraints. For us, client satisfaction is goal #1 and the stated commitment of every member on our project teams.

At the core of this commitment is a highly collaborative approach to design, celebrating the goals and ambitions of the client rather than the signature of the architect. For this to work, it is important to establish a close working relationship with the client, a partnership of sorts, to develop goals, program parameters, building solutions and management strategies within a framework which highly values communication and the collaborative process.

Our services include the customary architectural design and quality technical documentation work. But we also excel, and have a strong background and experience with master planning and specifically Californian entitlement work. For anybody who has ever tried – locally – to get a commercial building to the stage where you can even apply for a building permit, this will be of immediate resonance.

MayerArchitects is working in close association with our partner firm in Santa Barbara, DMA. With this collaboration we bring our quality services to all of California.

We are looking forward to working with you.


Rochelle (Shelli) Margolin
Gerhard Walter Mayer